The Fox and the Liger

While returning from a mission, Naruto and his team meet the mysterious warrior known as Liger. How will this affect the fight to bring back Sasuke? Naruto/Zoids: NCZ crossover. Naru/Saku OC/OC Rated T for violent fight scenes

Series: Naruto Shippuden & Zoids New Century Zero

Rating: T

Category: n/a

- Naruto Uzumaki w/ Sakura Haruno
- Liger Zero w/ König

- Kakashi Hatake w/ Shizune
- Kiba Inuzuka w/ Hinata Hyuga
-Shadow w/ Red

Original Characters:
- Liger Zero (Human Form)

- König
Wolf (Human Form)
-Keiko Aoiumi
-Shinji Boruda
-Toshiro Tenki
Kōzui Kasukēdo
-Tsukibura Runa
-Denchi Hikari
-Berserk Fury (Human Form)
-Shadow Fox (Human Form)
-Gun Sniper (Human Form)

Original Techniques:
- Lightning Blade Storm
- Wind Style: Cyclone Spear
- Water Style: Whirlpool Spear
- Water Style: Current Crasher
- Wind Style: Slipstream
- Hurricane Paralysis
- Fire Style: Fire Dragon
- Wind Style: Wind Dragon
- Water Style: Tranquil Palm
- Water Style: Aqua Army
- Cursed Seal Stage 3
- Chamber of Death
- Lightning Style: Electric Torrent
-Raging Tempest
-Fire Style: Inferno Serpent
-Blossom of the Shining Moon
-Water Style: Reverse Waterfall
-Fire Style: Ring of Fire
-Fire Style: Solar Wind

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